What are the benefits of replacing your fridge seal?

A good working fridge seal stops the fridge from freezing or frosting up, makes sure that the door stays shut, seals the fridge completely so no ants can get in, your produce is stored at the correct temperature, and saves on power bills as your fridge or freezer doesn't have to overpower the warm air coming from outside through the broken seals. There are many benefits to having a good working seal! Fridge Sealers replace fridge and freezer seals Auckland-wide.

How can I tell if my fridge or freezer seal needs replacing?

The most obvious symptom is a split in the seal, which is often on the bottom of the door making it hard to spot. If your fridge is frosting/freezing up, the door doesn't close properly, you have ants in the fridge, mouldy seals, and your power bill is high - then your seal may well need replacing.  A quick test to see if your seal is working properly - simply place a torch in the fridge, and shut the door. If you can see light coming from the refrigerator then more than likely your fridge seal needs replacing. Fridge Sealers come to you - we make, measure, and fit onsite!

What types of seals and fridges do Fridge Sealers service?

Do you need to seal a fridge? Fridge Sealers can fix any domestic or commercial fridge, freezer or coolroom seals. We have years of experience, and pride ourselves on our service and expertise.

What tips does Fridge Sealers recommend for looking after fridge seals?

To keep your new seals clean use a damp cloth and warm water to wipe general grime off the seals regularly. The sides of a seal are easily cleaned with an old soft tooth brush and warm water.

A light coating of petroleum jelly (e.g. Vasoline) on the contact faces of the seal roughly every 3-6 months can greatly increase the life of your fridge seal.

Check that your fridge door is hanging square. An askew door is generally caused by people overloading the door or leaning/pulling down on the door. This can easily be fixed and carries a small charge for a stand-a-lone service and is free with any seal replacement. 

Can I get a pricing estimate?

Absolutely! As every brand and make is different, it's impossible to give an absolute figure without inspecting the fridge or freezer in person. Fridge Sealers is able to give a fair ballpark figure over the phone or via email. And before we start work at your home or business - we can give you a fixed price for the work to be performed and avoid any unwanted surprises.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the greater Auckland area, including South Auckland, Eastern Suburbs, West Auckland, North Shore, Warkworth, Mangawhai, Wellsford.

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